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Your life may change severely as a result of a motorcycle accident. With the dangers that you face on the road from other drivers and hazardous conditions, it is unfortunately easy for you to be injured in a crash. However, you should not have to deal with the repercussions of being wrongfully injured in an accident, that is where our personal injury attorneys can help you. At The Law Office of Marvin Knorr & Associates, our Covington motorcycle accidents lawyers can assist you in getting the compensation that you need in order to begin getting back to your normal life.

Our Team Of Personal Injury Attorneys Are Prepared To Assist You

We are always prepared to assist new clients who need our services when they are injured. You can come and speak with us to give us a description of your case so that we can provide you with an assessment as to whether you have a case and whether we can assist you. With the information that you provide to us, we will prepare your case by collecting additional evidence to support your claim through investigating the accident, consulting with witnesses, examining the medical evidence and creating a case strategy focused on making you whole.

We Are Prepared To Settle Or Take Your Case To A Jury

The fastest and easiest way for you to get compensation is through a negotiated settlement with the defendant or insurance companies that we sue. However, there will be cases when the other side is not willing to settle for an acceptable amount, or they will refuse to settle at all. That is why we always ensure that we are prepared to take your case to trial and put the facts in front of a jury. We have years of litigation experience and know how to effectively manage a trial to maximize our advantages while simultaneously reducing possible pitfalls.

Along with motorcycle accident, we have represented clients in car collisions as well as trucking accidents and have helped them get the compensation they deserve.

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If you have recently been injured while riding your motorcycle, then you need assistance from seasoned personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Marvin Knorr & Associates. You can call our office at 859-495-1857 or you can complete our online contact form to send us a brief description of your case.