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Protect The Best Interests Of Your Children Through Your Child Custody Needs

While there are many stressful times that are involved with a divorce, the child custody portion maybe the most emotionally taxing. The outcome of your child custody agreement will massively shape the outcome of your children’s lives, which is why it is important to keep their best interests at heart throughout the whole process. You need an attorney at your side who also holds these values close to their heart.

At The Law Office of Marvin Knorr & Associates, our Kentucky attorneys are passionate about protecting the rights of our clients and are exceptionally dedicated to their needs. They do everything at their disposal to provide our clients and their children with the best possible outcome in their cases, and they explore every option available to achieve these goals.

What You Should Know About Child Custody

One of the first things that you should know about child custody is how a court determines it. It is a myth that the mother always gets custody regardless of the situation. The court will look at all the unique details of each parent, such as their income, their living situation and even their psychological state with the goal of protecting the best interests of the children.

This means that a court may not always grant sole custody to a single parent, but instead establish a co-parenting situation to find a solution where both parents can be active in the child’s life. Our lawyers will work to ensure that the court recognizes all the crucial information that is relevant to your case.

What About Changing A Custody Agreement?

It is possible to change a custody agreement, but it needs to be done properly. Whether you are looking to modify your agreement to better suit your current situation or are looking to protect what you had already agreed upon to uphold your children’s best interests, our team can help you prepare a case to protect your needs.

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