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At The Law Office of Marvin Knorr & Associates, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a zealous violent crimes defense. Our team of Covington assault and battery lawyers has assisted thousands of clients in their years of experience, and they are committed to ensuring that our clients are treated fairly and that their rights are respected in the criminal justice system. Our criminal defense attorneys can provide you with the strategic defense that you need as you deal with the charges facing you. Come speak with us today so that we can begin providing you the defense you need.

Assault And Battery Charges Require A Skilled Violent Crimes Defense

Here in Kentucky, assault is when someone intentionally, wantonly or recklessly threatens to harm another person or places them in a position of fearing that they will be harmed. Battery refers to the act of physically touching or harming a person without their consent. Both of these can be serious offenses, depending on the degree of which you are charged. For example, a first degree felony assault has a minimum sentence of at least ten years imprisonment along with a fine of up to $10,000.00. Even if you are a first time offender and are charged with a fourth- degree misdemeanor assault, that can result in up to a year in prison.

Battery is a subcategory of assault and is commonly an included charge when you are charged with assault. Battery can range from simple battery, sexual battery, domestic battery or aggravated battery depending upon the circumstances when it was committed, but all of them can result in punishments as severe as those for assault.

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With the severe penalties facing you with assault and battery charges, you cannot afford to take a chance by going against the criminal justice system alone or with a public defender. The Law Office of Marvin Knorr & Associates has the knowledge and the skills to assist you in creating a strong and strategic defense. Call our office today at 859-495-1857 or by completing our online contact form to send us a brief description of your case.