A Serious Defense Against Serious Sex Crime Charges

A criminal conviction of any kind comes as a threat to your rights, freedom, and future. A sex crime conviction is a larger threat to all of these, as well as your reputation. When you face sex crime charges, you need to find an exceptional attorney to represent you. I am exactly the type of attorney you need to put up your best possible defense.

My name is Marvin Knorr, of The Law Office of Marvin Knorr & Associates. I have dedicated my career as a Kentucky lawyer to protect the rights of my clients throughout the Northern Kentucky area. I stand by the fact that everyone is innocent unless proven guilty, and I will stand by your side until the very end of your case.

I Will Stand By Your Side

Especially with sex crime charges, you cannot afford to settle for less when choosing your attorney. I am a goal-driven and compassionate attorney who provides his clients with the experience they need and the respect they deserve. A conviction in this area results in not only heavy fines and time in prison, but it also puts you on the sex offender registry.

Being on this registry means your way of life outside of jail will change dramatically. You will appear on searches for local sex offenders, and may even have to introduce yourself to neighbors as a sex offender, even for minor charges like public urination. Once you are on this registry, you may never get off the list, even after waiting for the mandatory waiting period to apply to be removed.

I explore every avenue to beat your charges, such as negotiating to reduce your sentencing or litigating to have your charges dropped due to police or prosecution errors. I am as committed to you walking away from this as untarnished as possible, and I have the knowledge necessary to achieve this goal.

Start Your Defense On The Right Foot

The sooner I earn the privilege of representing you, the stronger I can make your case. You can contact my office in Covington by calling 859-495-1857, or emailing me here. Schedule an initial consultation with me to see just exactly what I can do for you.