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Understand The Difference Between Misdemeanors And Felonies

It can be confusing when you are charged with a crime for the first time, as the criminal justice system has an assortment of legal terms that you would not encounter in your normal life. Even more so it can be especially concerning when you hear the terms misdemeanor and felony and you are left wondering what these mean to you. At The Law Office of Marvin Knorr & Associates, our Covington criminal defense lawyers have years of knowledge that we can use to help you feel secure and not overwhelmed by the criminal justice system. If you need a felony attorney to help you understand misdemeanors vs. felonies, we can help you.

What Are Misdemeanors And Felonies?

A misdemeanor and a felony are categories that represent the severity of the type of crime you have been charged with.


Generally speaking, a misdemeanor represents a lower level of crime. Here in Kentucky, a Class A misdemeanor has a maximum punishment of up to one year in the local or county jail, while a Class B misdemeanor has a maximum punishment of no more than 90 days imprisonment. Examples of such crimes include:

Being charged with a misdemeanor will go on your permanent record, although you may be able to negotiate with our help to get your charges expunged or sealed if possible.


In contrast to misdemeanors which represent the lesser criminal charges, felonies represent the more serious criminal charges which can be leveled against someone. Felonies come in five classes:

  • Class D felonies begin with 1-5 years in prison
  • Class C felonies are those with 5-10 years potential imprisonment
  • Class B felonies encompass prison sentences between 10-20 years
  • Class A felonies are from 20-50 years potential punishment
  • Capital felonies are those that have life imprisonment or the possibility of the death penalty

These classifications are determined based on the circumstances that lead to the charges you are facing. Some crimes are automatically in the felony category, while others can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the degree of the crime. Some crimes that are always felonies are:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm by a convict
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder
  • Rape

If you have been charged with one of these crimes, then you need to speak with us to prepare your defense. The penalties that you are potentially facing merit the need for our skilled and dedicated services.

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