Child Custody

What is the Kentucky joint custody law?

Parents in Kentucky who decide to separate may have fewer choices to make when it comes to child custody decisions, which are often difficult and painful. WFPL 89.3 reported on the joint custody bill when it first passed in 2018.  If you and your spouse only recently...

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Kentucky favors joint custody

Custody matters have almost always had a negative connotation. The stereotypical custody case becomes a battle between the parents with little attention to the heart of the matter: the children.  In modern times, though, custody is becoming less about the parents and...

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Custody battles and negative emotions

On the one hand, custody battles often generate negative emotions. For example, many parents struggle with anxiety in the wake of a dispute over the custody of their child and some become angry as well. Depression is not uncommon, either, and all of these emotions...

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