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How can custodial interference harm you?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2020 | Child Custody |

Dealing with an ex-spouse that is deliberately attempting to drive a wedge between you and your child can cause pain and frustration.

Finding a healthy way to deal with this custody issue is imperative to maintaining a healthy bond.


According to FindLaw, custodial interference may occur when a spouse purposefully restricts a child’s time with the other parent either through limiting contact or by enticing him or her away from spending previously allotted time together. This can range from more indirect actions, like preventing a parent from participating in school activities, to more extreme actions, such as physically kidnapping the child.

This situation is different than interference due to unsafe conditions, or in order to protect the child from legitimate danger.


By limiting contact and intentionally creating tension, your ex-spouse is directly or indirectly denying you visitation rights. This puts an emotional strain on you, since you have a right to interact freely with your child.

The other parent may also shorten your time together with your son or daughter by dropping him or her off late or picking up him or her early. By failing to allow you an uninterrupted visit, your ex-spouse’s actions violate the child custody agreements put in place by the court.


If this continues, it is possible to seek a third party to watch over the visits to prevent further interference. Mediation may be an option if both spouses are willing to attend. Other remedies may include scheduling extra time together with your child if prior visits got interrupted, or further putting restrictions on your ex-spouse to prevent future issues.