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The value of local representation when facing an out-of-state DUI

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | DUI Defense |

An arrest based on driving under the influence (DUI) allegations can be embarrassing. The charges that follow can be incredibly disruptive, especially if there are unusual circumstances. People who get arrested for a DUI in Kentucky may not necessarily be from Kentucky.

Instead, they may actually be from Indiana or Ohio. They then find themselves in a very difficult legal situation. When people who live in other states find themselves facing DUI charges in Kentucky, obtaining in-state representation can be crucial while navigating those pending charges.

The complications of a charge across state lines

There are many reasons it can be difficult for someone who resides in another state to properly handle Kentucky DUI charges. One of those issues is the obligation to return to the state to be present during criminal proceedings. Those who have an attorney representing them can bypass that obligation in many cases, as their attorney can attend hearings in their stead. In some cases, lawyers can even arrange for a client to be present via digital conferencing when they face charges but live in another state.

Additionally, an attorney familiar with Kentucky’s DUI statutes can help advise someone on the best options available when responding to their pending charges and teach them about what penalties are possible. All too often, those afraid of the complications related to a charge in another jurisdiction make the mistake of pleading guilty right away. They may think that a guilty plea is the easiest and best solution. They then end up saddled with a criminal record and other consequences that can impact the course of their lives for years to come.

An in-state lawyer can help someone fight their charges

An attorney can give someone insight into unique Kentucky statutes and even the disposition of different judges in some cases. The sooner someone obtains professional advocacy, the better their chances of minimizing the long-term consequences that a criminal conviction could generate.

Fighting back against Kentucky DUI charges is usually easier with in-state representation. Defendants who live in other states likely need help if they want to secure a favorable outcome to Kentucky DUI charges. If you’re in this position, reach out to the team at the Law Office of Marvin Knorr & Associates by clicking here or calling 859-212-0995 to discuss a Kentucky DUI charge.