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What you say on social media could have an effect on your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Divorce |

Social media has gone from being a fringe part of pop culture to a major part of people’s daily lives. Many adults are on several social media platforms and spend multiple hours a day scrolling through their feed, commenting on other people’s content and sending direct messages.

Social media could be how you learn new information by reading other people’s experiences and also how you connect with personal support. You may have even found digital support groups for people going through divorces.

Unfortunately, the way you use social media can have a significant, negative impact on your divorce proceedings. Anything that you share online could become evidence in your divorce.

What you say on social media can influence the courts’ perception of you

What you say online influences how other people perceive you. Those who already know you as a person probably understand you have a certain sense of humor or try to only share certain kinds of content. Those who don’t already know you can easily take what you say online out of context.

Your spouse can use your online content to help make a case in court. A joke that could seem like a threat against your ex can affect everything from an attempt by your spouse to get a protective order to how the courts split your parenting responsibilities.

Anything you say online could wind up as a screenshot

You might think that by making your account more private or blocking your ex and their family members you can continue to use social media without consequence. However, there are often people in your broader social circle who would happily share the things you post with your ex. People might even take screenshots of your direct messages or comments in a support group with others.

Many professionals recommend simply avoiding social media during a divorce, as anything you say on there can have an impact on your proceedings. You may even find after taking a break from social media that you feel healthier and happier without it.

Learning more about your daily behaviors that could impact your divorce will make it easier to protect your best interest during the end of your marriage. You can contact our firm today to discuss your situation and decide what steps will best protect you.