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Will a DUI impact your college life?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | DUI Defense |

As a Kentucky college student, you have a lot of unique and exciting experiences ahead of you. Many people like you use their college years to expand horizons and try new things. You need to take care when spreading your wings. After all, your actions have consequences.

This is why you should treat DUI charges seriously. If you end up with a conviction, you may find yourself dealing with more than you bargained for.

How can colleges revoke support?

The College Investor discusses how DUI convictions may affect your time in college. First, it can actually ruin your ability to attend college at all. In some cases, a college board may decide to kick you out. But expelling students for DUI convictions is not common. What is more common is barring you from using the on-campus housing. This housing is much more affordable than off-campus housing. You may not have the money to attend college if you also have to pay for a regular apartment.

Also, a college will likely pull any financial support they are giving you. They do not want a negative stigma. This may happen if they financially support someone with a DUI conviction on record.

How do your career options change?

Your career path may end up altered, too. Some career options do not hire people with DUI convictions. This includes commercial driving jobs. It also includes jobs that involve working with or caring for children. Even if your career path does not strictly bar those with DUI convictions, you may find it harder to get hired. You might even have trouble getting into career-related programs. This can happen even on your first conviction, so take care.