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Are you taking steps to address depression during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Divorce |

Depending on the particulars of your split, you may feel lethargic, despondent and defeated about your divorce. Even if you know that dissolving your marriage is the most favorable option for you and your current spouse, depression may still creep in on the interiors of your life. 

PsychCentral offers some tips to help you defeat your current mental health condition. Understand how to propel yourself out of your slump. 

Shift your routine 

You likely established a routine while married. Now is the time to break out of that routine and create a new one. Maybe there was something you wanted to do or somewhere you wanted to go but never got the chance to because your spouse did not care for the place or activity as much as you did. Now is the time to indulge yourself. 

Allow yourself distractions 

Speaking of indulging, your marriage may have left you with little time or energy to read, watch certain movies or shows, or stream podcasts. Get lost in your favorite media for a while. The distraction is a good way to get your mind off your depression, and it could give you a new and much-needed perspective on your current situation. 

Create a plan  

During a depressive episode, you may find it hard to get out of bed or do anything productive. By planning out your day, down to your menu and when you eat, you add some structure to your day. Thorough planning is a good way to keep everything else in your life afloat. 

Take steps to get ahead of and overcome depression. Talking with both a legal professional and therapist could prove instrumental during this trying chapter of your life.